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Seedbox NL 1Gbps SATA3 1.5TB
€15.90EUR 1 Month Price
Server Specification

1.5TB SATA3 Disk Space
Fast 1Gbit Netherlands Server
10TB Minimum - 15TB Maximum [UL+DL]
99% Uptime
Leaseweb DataCenter

Seedbox Specification

Rutorrent 3.7 GUI/Rtorrent 0.9.4 with Secure HTTPS Access
Rar/Unrar/Zip/Unzip/Tar/Gzip/Bzip2 Support
Movie Thumbnailer support
Mediainfo support
Direct HTTP Download Link With HTTP Authentication
Encrypted FTP Access To your Files
Unlimited Torrents
File Manager
*Direct File Upload to Popular File Hosting Sites [Ex - Uploaded,Rapidgator etc] + Upload Account Saver
Transdoid Android App Supported

Plex Support

BTSync Support

If You Want to Check The Current Status of a Upload Host Plugin Please Ticket Us.

Seedbox NL 1Gbps SATA3 700GB
€10.90EUR 1 Month Price
#ff0000;">Please Do not "Add Funds" in Advance if you intend to Use Seedbox Services.Only Add Exact Amount of money you need to pay the Invoice.This is for your own convenience.