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Short term RDP



5 days

CPU: 2.3

Ram: 16GB

Space HDD: 25GB

Port: 1GBps

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General RDP

NL 500GB Monthly



CPU: 2.5 4/8 cores

Ram: 16GB

Space HDD: 500GB

Port: 1GBps

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Enc / Admin RDP

FR 100GB



CPU: 3.40/8 cores

Ram: 32GB

Space: 100GB HDD

Port: 1GBps

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Product types

Private RDP (VPS)

A private RDP (VPS) will give you your very own RDP server.

The system will only be used by you, no one will have access to your data (files/folders) or any operating system settings you have configured.

You will have full administrator rights and are in control of your own system.

A VPS allows you to run programs which aren't normally allowed on any of our other plans, such as encoding software[1], traffic generating sofware[2], resource intense programs[3], etc.

Each VPS comes with its own dedicated IPv4 and 1 Gib/s network connection.

Our VPS are preconfigured for different needs and vary in available disk space[4], CPU cores[5], and RAM[6].

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  1. on non-encoding plans
  2. Jingling, Hitleap Viewer, etc.
  3. any software utilizing RAM/CPU/disk heavily over a long period of time
  4. disk space ranges from 40 GiB (SSD) to 1 TiB (HDD)
  5. 1, 2, and 4 CPU cores are selectable
  6. RAM amount ranges from 3 GiB up to 13 GiB


We currently have 115 servers from 13 countries, nearly 500 IP’s, 19 staff, and accept payment from 21 Gateways.

Uptime Guarantee

99% sounds good but truth is NO Provider can promise that on shared a shared server, Someone runs a VPN and BANG you have downtime, but I have seen servers go more than a month without any downtime, in the event of hardware failure we will compensate you for lost time.

Support Center

All Support is given threw Tickets, most tickets get a first response in less than 2 hours because we have 19 staff, though some things do require higher level attention from specific people.